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Our company manufactures three-dimensional acrylic lettering inscriptions, with excellent knowledge of the material and its processing, offering a high aesthetic result and great durability over time. The letters are made with glued acrylic or with 30mm acrylic blocks machined on CNC. They can be made in various dimensions and in all the colors offered by the materials. Modern manufacturing methods allow us to maintain high repeatability in our constructions, achieving economies of scale in repetitive productions.

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In cases where a specific color is required, a specific color finish or light block on the face or on the sides of the letters, we undertake their painting, which is done with the process and materials of car painting. A special chrome paint department has recently been added to the company. This particular dye, in addition to nickel and gold, gives us many choices of chrome colors, giving a unique aesthetic result and great added value to the product. With this method can be painted various materials that we process in addition to acrylic, such as wood, PVC, aluminum, metal.

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CNC router with table dimension 3050x2160mm serves the needs of us and our customers, both in cutting sections of the acrylic letters we manufacture, as well as in various other constructions. The materials that can be processed are acrylic, PVC, wood (all types), aluminum, composite aluminum panels, foam boards and generally non-ferrous materials. Production of stand fittings, industrial fittings, sign frames from composite aluminum panels, letters from PVC and MDF, three-dimensional sign and decoration panels, are some of the services we offer. The increased capabilities of the machine can offer solutions to a wide range of cutting and engraving tasks. With the introduction of chrome paint, the utility of the machine has been vertically upgraded as it produces three-dimensional letters and upholstery panels that are then processed with the specific painting method, giving a unique aesthetic result. Finally, with the addition of acrylic blocks to our range of raw materials, the material is complex CNC machined, in order to produce bright and non-acrylic letters of high precision and compatibility with other constructions.

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Lighting services complete the acrylic letters as a product. Installation of LED modules from branded manufacturers such as Samsung and Baltled, high efficiency and brightness, guarantee a perfect quality and visual result, with great durability.


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